About Switch


Originally when bringing Switch in from China in 2011, we thought this would be a great product for youth. Their styles are always changing, the colors of the season's fashion shifting, but belts are always there. We weren't wrong. But beyond youth, it is the perfect accessory for both sexes of all ages, and the colorful style expressions today.


As golfers ourselves, we also quickly realized that the world of golf was desperate, yes deperate, for Switch. Golfers have a style of their own which often involves bright, vibrant colors that would otherwise never make it out of the closet. Golfers match their shirt, shoes, and hat, with Switch they can pull it all together at the waist.


From golf, it was a natural progression into many other outdoor sports where fear is replaced by boldness, and individuality is a signature move. Skateboarding, biking, snowboarding and other outdoor activites have become a home away from home for Switch.


Although Switch is still very young as a company, the future does indeed look colorful and bright.