Switch Electric Green Belt Buckle



This green buckle comes with the Electric Green belt, and is also sold separately to be interchanged with any Switch Classic buckle to mix and match with any of your Switch Classics belts.



BELT COLORS: (click color to select)
Switch Belts Atomic OrangeSwitch Belt Powder BlueSwitch Belt StarburstSwitch Belt BubblegumSwitch Belt LavenderSwitch Belt Code RedSwitch Belt SmokeSwitch Belt Green BeretSwitch Belt Purple RainSwitch Belt Reflex BlueSwitch Belt Pitch BlackSwitch Belt FrostbiteSwitch Belt Electric GreenSwitch Belt Brown Sugar


ADD'L BUCKLE COLORS:(mouseover to see it\click to select)
Switch Buckle Atomic OrangeSwitch Buckle Powder BlueSwitch Buckle StarburstSwitch Buckle BubblegumSwitch Buckle LavendarSwitch Buckle Code RedSwitch Buckle SmokeSwitch Buckle Green BeretSwitch Buckle Purple RainSwitch Buckle Reflex BlueSwitch Buckle Pitch BlackSwitch Buckle FrostbiteSwitch Buckle Electric GreenSwitch Buckle Brown Sugar

All belts come with a matching buckle. Additional buckles sold separately.



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Switch Belt Features - Won't Warp or Fray    Switch Belt Features - Won't Warp or Fray    Switch Belt Features - Water Resistant    Switch Belt Features - Washable, Dishwasher safe    Switch Belt Features - No Metal, TSA Safe    Switch Belt Features - Eco-Friendly, made of bio-degradable material